Imagine dragonflies...


Did you hear that? I totally stretched myself on this one yesterday. Wednesday Stamper this week called for a "button doll" on your project. Ever wonder why there are not any embellishments in the Color Binge? Right-o. No embellishments in the apartment. Just before throwing in the towel, I found some snaps in my repair kit.


The inspiration for this project came from a conversation I had over dinner with John Loring (yes- it's true! I had the pleasure of spending the day with Mr. Loring a couple of years ago in Costa Mesa, CA). During the dinner we spoke about how Tiffany & Co. draws inspiration from nature for a lot of it's jewelry and the simplicity of the dragonfly. I can't remember very much of the conversation because, honestly, I was star struck. What I do remember is Mr. Loring called me "delightful". We also spoke about the problems I was having icing petit fours. He one of the most amazing and intelligent men I have ever met! Very enjoyable.


Here you have it. Two facing pages in the Color Binge. I don't always make them to coordinate with eachother, but I thought these two looked nice. See you tomorrow! As always, thank you so much for visiting!