Sunday Reading

HatHappy Sunday, Everyone! We here at Luggage enterprises  recognize that like Luggage, the majority of your family and friends will be glued to the television today watching football. In the event that you do not share the same love for the game, I decided to compile a new list of my favorite blogs for you to read. So many new blogs came to my attention via the Luggage Sweepstakes a few weeks ago, my feed list is going to burst! Here are some of the new blogs that are tres enjoyable:

  • Inside a Black Apple: I've been reading this blog for a long time now, and Emily is so amazing. Every  picture she puts on her blog is total eye candy AND coupled with fair shop prices and fast shipping, she gets the Luggage seal of approval.
  • Craft Magazine: Looking for a little inspiration here and there? This blog updates a few times every day, with an interesting plethora of fun things!
  • Kelly Kilmer: Kelly lives in LA, teaches a bunch of classes in the area too. I am not sure how I missed her while I lived up there!
  • Love Letters: I love looking at these journal pages too! (What can I say? I am a sucker for journal pages.) Kathy recently made a really cool page with calligraphy...I need to try that!
  • Be...Dream...Play...: You guessed it. More awesome journal pages. Elizabeth just posted the most amazing snow pictorial I have ever seen. (I live in California. No snow here...well, when we were kids we went to "Snow World" at Seaworld..that was pretty good. Since then, I have adopted a strict policy not to be cold or wet.)

And finally, my new love, Michelle Ward's GPP Street Team. I have only participated in one "crusade" so far, but the feedback and support I have received from all of the participants is overwhelming! Everyone (including Michelle) made me feel so welcome!  Sometimes it's hard for me to try a challenge or post a comment on a new blog; especially a "fancy" blog. A lot of times the comments go unanswered and I feel like "what would they want with me anyway...I am a nobody." But this is totally not the case on the GPP blog and I am so excited with anticipation for the next crusade in February. (Yes, Luggage is fragile on the inside, like a flower.)

Sit back and relax, or get fired up for some football! Here's a video to get your blood pumping this morning: