There seems to be a problem with living in an apartment...I may be on to something here, so bear with me. Apartment kitchens are small and you can't keep very much kitchen equipment at the ready so you are forced to eat out a lot. Perfect logic.

I had to stop myself because all of a sudden this was rapidly turning into the Luggage Food Blog! Look at this delicious sandwich I made yesterday a la Tony Soprano:


Gabagool and the most tender and delicious provolone cheese. I think I have featured this delightful sandwich on my blog before...so why haven't you tried one yet? If that wasn't enough, we had the most delicious seafood dinners from "The Fish Market" last night. Everyone was in heaven! I'm sure they will know our names at that place soon enough! (My mouth is watering as I look at that sandwich!) None the less, my pants are a little tight....no eating out for one week! The Commander has spoken.

Have a great day!