WS: Kings (80's Thursday?)


My moods? I have painting moods, journaling moods and collage moods (to name a few). I paint about a week's worth of pages at a time, usually matching with their adjacent page. Then, I journal throughout the week trying to have one fresh page to post for you every day. You'll get another green page tomorrow.

This morning, I saw the Wednesday Stamper theme and had an 80's flashback. Luckily, the wonders of YouTube were able to help me out. So I give you not only this page, but the corresponding soundtrack in which to listen to while you look at the page.

Isn't King glorious? I listened to this song about 7 times during the making of today's page. I'm in love again!

Golden Fluid Acrylics, justjohanna images, sharpie poster paint, stampland script, charcoal, birds. (Oh- for those of you keeping score, I only have one more bird cut-out in the apartment. Not sure what will happen next....)