Not one, but three! Lucky me!


Look at these! I've been looking for ledgers for about 6 months now and the planets aligned this week! The bottom ledger was an online "score" and the top two ledgers were from my best friend, Michael for Christmas! I can't believe my eyes! Look!


I can't read the writing just yet on the most fragile book, but there are these awesome stickers mixed in throughout. This one says "Italian boy". I've never seen anything like this before!


This is the inside of the other two books! One is dated 1897 and the other is dated 1861! These are both older than my mother! >rimshot< I'm going to have to sit and stare at these a while before I use some of the pages for collage. Maybe if I put them under my pillow, I will continue to have great flea market luck! See you soon!