It is SO great to be back in San Diego with my family. Not only is it great to be back in San Diego for that reason, but it is fantastic to be able to take my daughter to the places I remember going to when I was a child! Days are now filled with quick errands here and there with little stops that make all the difference in the world!

This morning we drove downtown to meet Mr. Luggage. We had a great time walking around in Seaport Village and Kate rode the Carousel. She told us it was "funny".

For dinner tonight, we had Ina's mac and cheese with mini-hamburgers topped with blue cheese crumbles. Delicious! Most of the time I put the blue cheese into the hamburger, but Big Bad Mike told me to try it on top. Excellent idea! Everyone loved the food!

I'm learning my new Photoshop program (can you tell?) and I can't wait to get back into photography. I have a field trip scheduled for Sunday. I can't wait! Have a great weekend everyone! Thank you for coming by today!