I hate "tagging". I got tagged twice this morning and I normally would not particpate in this sort of thing, but since there are so many new readers coming through to try and win prizes from me, I thought you might want to know a little more about me while you're here. Read it and weep...I am never doing this again. (Thanks, Rima!)

Here are 5 Luggage fun facts: (You can memorize them, I don't like talking about myself.)

  1. I did not lose luggage on a recent airline trip. The name Lost Luggage loosely refers to me, loosing my mind.
  2. I am a Graduate Gemologist. Before I received my gemology degrees, I was a photography major. I don't like it when people ask me to take a look at a diamond they have already purchased, but I am happy to help you before you buy something.
  3. I hate making cards. I enjoy pushing the limits of generic art supplies in an attempt to make something great every day.
  4. I birthed a 9lb, 15oz. baby through my you know what. That's right. I don't do anything half assed.
  5. My husband named our dog after a Japanese MLB player. I like to think he can read, so everyone say, "Hi Ichiro!"

I hereby tag the following 5 people. If your name is not on this list, don't feel sad. I am meerly following the instructions on the tag. (I don't like to do this in case someone's feelings get hurt!)

  1. Heather. Heather made the mistake of mentioning that she loved reading my blog every day. Shazam! Tag.
  2. Debbie. Debbie just celebrated a milestone birthday. I'm sure she would LOVE to complete the tag.
  3. Andrea. I can't think of why I am punishing Andrea at the moment, but visit her blog anyway, she is really talented.
  4. Laura. Laura I met once in my old neighborhood. We had a great time and then I moved away.
  5. Johanna. I am tagging Johanna because she will probably think this is as much torture as I did. (Yes, you have to do it!) >snicker<

pphhewww...glad that's over with!