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Them there morditoes

Julie Prichard9 Comments


I am not very happy with our apartment and some other things that are going on these days, but the Color Binge makes me feel better. I can escape the problems that we are facing and forget about them for awhile. I can also forget my troubles in this place:


This is my favorite mexican restaurant. The food critics will tell you it is over priced and full of tourists, but ignore them. I am a San Diego native and trust me- this place always has fantastic food. You can't go wrong! Totally worth waiting with the tourists. Look at yesterday's lunch (this one's for you, Dude):


A little known dish called "mortiditas" (mor TAH thee TAS). They come in chicken or beef. We were laughing because there were some tourists in line yesterday with super thick southern accents talking about "mor deeeee toes"..heehee.

See you tomorrow!