Ron Burgundy: "Saan Diieeeggoooo; A whale's ------."


Hi everyone! What a whirlwind week! We are in our apartment in San Diego now. Everything is hooked up and a lot of stuff is packed away in storage. The first few nights were a little rough, but things are settling down now. I am happy to have the internet hooked up and I hate using my cell phone, so we're happy to have our new phone number too.

Our friends really pulled through in our "emergency move" situation that unfolded Christmas weekend. Anna P. and Steve-O came to the rescue in the 11th hour. We could not have moved in on time without you guys! No decorations or glorious tree photos to share with you all; aside from a great dinner at my Uncle's house, there wasn't really any celebrating this year. Not many presents either, we just focused on moving down here to be with everyone.

I've been journaling the last two nights. I'll start to post art on the blog tomorrow. I think I'll enjoy the feeling of relief I am enjoying at the moment for just a little longer. Days now are filled with looking for a new home and visiting friends.

How about that view? Luggage lives in that photo. I love it down here. As a matter of fact, almost all of my family lives in the area of the picture above. It's excellent.

There will be a great blog giveaway starting on New Year's eve, so please tell your friends to come by for a visit! I have not decided on the exact details of the prize, but it will be valued at/or at least $75USD. I am sure you'll love it!

Time to stretch out on the couch! I hope you had a great holiday! Until tomomrrow...